Comedy Everywhere

Designing the TV Everywhere apps for Comedy Central

The Comedy Central TV Everywhere app invites users to dive into the rich video content the network has to offer. The app features full episodes, extras and curated clips of their fans favorite shows, focusing on their unique TV personalities and playful voice. Through strong voice elements, intricate color schemes and unique, cutting edge interactivity, the Comedy Central app serves up fresh content to keep their audience coming back, never experiencing the same app twice. 



An app that has character

One of the biggest factors and draws to Comedy Central is its various funny personalities.  The home page and each specific show landing page features a character, and funny quotes from shows or social media. The home page refreshes it's characters, quotes and color schemes on a regular basis to make the app feel fresh when the user returns. 







We designed for iOS first, but made sure to use expected UI patterns when creating the app for Android. The app's design later informed the responsive web redesign.





The Right Moves 

For a network all about video, animation and attitude, motion design played a big role in our thinking for the app. We wanted to make sure buffer states, transitions and touch reactions all felt on brand - quick, punchy and reflective of Comedy Central spots seen on TV. Below is a small example of what the user might see when first opening the app. 






Done in collaboration with CD, Art Director and Motion Designer from Isobar. Worked directly with Viacom team to create content.